Assignment: PG County Schools Executive Headshots

Over the last few years, I have had the opportunity to work with the Executive Leadership of the Prince George’s County Public School system. This year, I was able to work with the new superintendent, Superintendent Millard House, new team members as well as team members that have transitioned over to the new administration.

We have been able to establish a look for their headshot images that has translated well to the Prince George’s County School website as well as their other marketing materials. For this we used some of the advice featured in our 9 Great Tips for Headshots article.

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PG County Schools Executive Headshots

Superintendent Millard House II

Quincy Boyd, Chief of Staff

Luis A. Morales, Sr. Advisor to the Superintendent

Tejal Patel, Chief Communications & Engagement Officer

Amana Simmons

Melissa Covington

Sharon Dent

Shelby McRae

Cindy Adlien

Shani Keene

Jessica Guerrero

PG County Schools Executive Headshots